Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been fully revealed — here’s the official unboxing video


iron man galaxy s6 1

Samsung has been teasing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition for quite some time, but the goods have finally been fully revealed. It’s everything we imagined it would be, with a very nice red chassis accented with some elegant-looking gold (including Iron Man’s logo plastered on the back looking as mean as ever).

What’s even better is that this thing will also ship with an Iron Man-themed wireless charger. It’ll also obviously have Samsung’s Iron Man TouchWiz theme pre-installed (though that’s just as easy to change as any theme).

iron man galaxy s6 2

Everything else is the Galaxy S6 Edge as you know it, with this particular variant coming with a standard storage count of 64GB.

Unfortunately availability for this thing won’t be widespread for now, with Samsung  only confirming launches for China, Hong Kong and their home turf of South Korea. The earliest landing date will be May 27th — that’s tomorrow — so if you’re keen on importing one you’ll want to look into it as soon as possible because we’re sure this limited run won’t last.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Pretty cool, but I’d rather see a flash oriented or even better yet batman oriented s6 edge with the bat symbol in all black. I’d buy that for a dollar ;)

    1. Robocop’s greatest cultural contribution – that guy on TV, haha. I’d buy that (a Flash-themed phone in general) for a dollar!!

  2. Or, if Todd McFarlane made a custom Spawn variant for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , Mr McFarlane if your reading this , make this and I’ll…. I’ll.. I’ll sign a deal!!! We all know how well those work out for Al Simmons!

    1. Nerd alert. Nerd alert.

  3. That is one sexy phone………..Until you put an otterbox on it lol

  4. lost me at the helmet on the back….seen a few photos on this….some have the helmet, some dont.

  5. I would rock this if it did not have the helmet on the back and just the colors, well and if I had not already gotten myself an S6,.. Which I keep in a case anyways so the colors would be pointless.

    1. Same here. I love the colors but the helmet on the back ruins it for me.

    2. Totally agree, that helmet. I thought of red and gold details (lines?) only

  6. I’d rock the hell out of this if it were my Note Edge… And without the helmet on the back.

  7. I wouldn’t rock this under any circumstance… ever. Not even if being attacked by ISIS.

  8. Maybe Robert Downey Jr will switch from htc now. Just might be hard for him cause you know how much he loves htc lol

  9. So people are dumb enough to pay for this phone so they can give free advertisement for the movie?

    1. People pay for super hero themed stuff all the time… Has nothing to do with advertising a movie if you just like the character.

  10. Only way I’d buy this is if J.A.R.V.I.S. was fully integrated into this phone.

  11. For fans, this is pretty cool. It would have been so much better if on the back instead of the helmet emblem, they just put a light up power core. then it does look too IronMan geek chic but still retains some of the legacy to IronMan.

  12. Already sold out. Looks nice except the awkward Iron man face on the back. Here are some pictures -> ttp://spaceday.tistory.com/63

  13. i kinda wanna see the earbuds..

  14. Anyone know how importing this and potentially using it on contract with say AT&T would work? I’m definitely interested in the phone but am not too knowledgeable on unlocked or imported phones. Any help would be much appreciated!

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