May 26th, 2016

It doesn’t matter what your tastes are, anyone who listens to music knows that half of that enjoyment comes from sharing new songs, albums, or artists with others. Because not everyone is inclined clicking links and waiting for a web browser or app to open up is just soooo much work, Twitter is teaming up with Spotify — the world’s most popular music streaming service — to make sharing music with others easier than ever.

Twitter Spotify inline audio card tracks

Starting today, direct Spotify track links posted on Twitter will display a full audio card, allowing your friends/family/followers to listen to the track directly from inside the tweet. The Spotify audio cards will deliver a full 30-second preview of the track, which should be more than enough time for someone to decide if they like what they hear. Should they decide they’d like to invest further time in the song, clicking the “Listen on Spotify” link will take the part on over to the actual app.

Twitter Spotify Audio Card screenshots

Although Twitter says you should see the feature on your timeline and in Moments starting today, we’re not seeing it for any of the Spotify links we posted. When it does work (in Moments), we able to pull up an audio card on both Twitter on the web and in the Android app, so we’re guessing the feature is still in the process of rolling out. Here’s an example of the card working properly in someone’s tweet and The ultimate Spotify summer Playlist in Moments.

Spotify recently added the ability for Premium members to add up to 5 family members for $15 a month with their new “Premium for Family” plan. It’s a solid deal for unlimited music listening and sharing an account with friends or family, and still keeping fully separate playlists and libraries. Fore more on adding friends/family to your Premium for Family Plan, check out our full walkthrough here.


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