From the guys that brought you SwiftKey: Swiftmoji is a new keyboard that can predict your emoji


If you’re in the market for a new keyboard app, you may want to check out Swiftmoji. Brought to you from the folks over at SwiftKey, the app was just released in beta form today and is the quintessential keyboard to predict which emoji you should use while texting friends, family, and coworkers.

You won’t have to worry about having to switch between two different keyboard apps, as a lot of the features that we have come to know and love from SwiftKey, are already baked into Swiftmoji. While predicting which emoji’s you should be using, the auto-suggestion bar sits atop the keyboard, but this is where something unique is hiding.

By tapping and holding the button on the far left of the emoji-prediction bar, you can drag and drop the bar so that it is nestled in other places, and out of the way if it’s too bothersome.

This isn’t the first time that SwiftKey has released an experimental keyboard application in an effort to crowd-source new features. Last October, SwiftKey Neural was released alongside the developer’s “Greenhouse projects” with the intention of learning how to predict using the correct context while texting. Now Swiftmoji has made its way onto the Play Store and could end up in the full version of SwiftKey, depending upon how much positive feedback is received.

The Swiftmoji beta is open now and the app is free. If you’re trying to jump in on the fun and test out SwiftKey’s newest keyboard app, hit the link below, then let us know using only emoji what you think about Swiftmoji.

Join the beta on Google Play: Swiftmoji


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