Android VR placeholder shows up in Google Play Developer Console just days before Google I/O


We are just a few days away from Google I/O 2016, where we are expecting the company to announce a bunch of new goodies alongside Android N. One of the big rumors is Google’s commitment to Virtual Reality and the impact that it is expecting to make on the industry. Well, thanks to our friends at Android Police, everyone was able to get a glimpse at a new placeholder that was added to the Google Play Developer Console. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is now an option for Android VR under Pricing & Distribution. 

Image Courtesy of Android Police

Image Courtesy of Android Police

Just this week, there was a rumor swirling around that Google was, in fact, working on a Virtual Reality headset, and it would be named Android VR. With this discovery, that confirms the report and we expect the new headset to take advantage of Google’s Project Tango, which creates 3D image sensors that are small enough for our various mobile devices.

The icon for Android VR is the same as what is found under Android Wear, so this is likely just a placeholder until some type of official announcement has been made. It seems Google is just getting everything in place before next week’s big event, but couldn’t really add Android VR without SOMEONE noticing.

This finding, plus all of the Virtual Reality sessions that are on the schedule for I/O, and we can feel safe to make an assumption that a new VR device and/or interface will be announced at I/O.

[via Android Police]


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