Rumor: Android VR is the name of the standalone headset to be announced at Google I/O


How about a rumor to get things started on the Google I/O hype train? This week, we’ve been hearing a whole lot about Android VR. It started on Reddit, where one eagle-eyed developer saw mentions of Android VR in the latest Unreal Engine updates.

We weren’t sure if Unreal was just referencing Google’s existing VR platform known as Cardboard with their own cheeky little name, but according to a pair of leaksters it’s something much more. Peter Rojas says he’s hearing of a headset going by that name, and Evan Blass seems to be corroborating that.

The headset is supposed to be a standalone unit, which means it will have its own display and may not need your phone. While it likely won’t reach the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive in terms of power, it should be about as powerful as you’d need for some of the mobile VR experiences that are being made for the likes of the Samsung Gear VR or the LG VR headset.

Details about the headset are scarce, but there’s a lot of speculation that Google will use Project Tango to enhance the experience. Project Tango is the current name for Google’s efforts to create 3D imaging sensors small and affordable enough to fit in smartphones, tablets — and now — VR headsets. It could enable great augmented reality experiences to go along with your traditional approach to VR.

Google has the opportunity to make exciting advancements in the VR field with the help of Project Tango, and we’re certainly going to be paying close attention when we arrive at the Shoreline Ampitheatre next week.


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