LG’s 4K Action Cam with LTE can also be used as a home monitor or a dash camera for your car


LG has a pretty neat camera to announce today as part of their LG Playground movement. This is the LG Action Camera, a 4G-equipped device which can shoot up to 4K HD video.

The camera targets the market where GoPro is currently dominating, but LG’s goal with 4G connectivity is to make it the most flexible camera you can buy today. It can be used as an action cam on its own, sure. Attach it to a bike, just like you can everything else.

lg action cam lte

But thanks to its connectivity, it can also be used as a home monitor to check on your pets or make sure everything’s good while you’re on vacation. You could also put it in your car and have it record your route continuously so you have video evidence of anything that happens.

LG’s also leveraging its connectivity for the social aspect of video. Live streaming to your friends will be a key talking point for them when they’re trying to sell you this thing (though it’s not the biggest innovation in the world, what with many cameras already enabling that). And we should note that live streaming limits you to 720p, by the way.

The downside to such a versatile device, though, is longevity. LG mentioned its 1,400mAh battery was enough to record up to 4 hours of Full HD video, with many in the industry typically using “Full HD” to describe 1080p. How long will it last when 4K is involved? Can it be relied on to capture a full hiking trip or a longer commute from one city to another?

LG Action Camera Specs:

  • Camera: 1/2.3-inch 12.3MP / 1.55 x 1.55㎛pixels
  • Connectivity: LTE / 3G / Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n / USB Type-C 2.0 / Bluetooth 4.1
  • Video Recording: UHD 30fps / FHD 60fps / HD 120fps
  • Video Live Streaming: HD 30fps
  • Memory: 2GB RAM / 4GB ROM (OS only) / microSD (up to 2TB)
  • Size: 35 x 35 x 77.9mm
  • Weight: 95g
  • Battery: 1,400mAh
  • Others: IP67 / GPS / Accelerometer / Gyroscope
  • Color: Light Gray

Battery life won’t be a problem if you’re using it in one of those more conventional settings where it can stay plugged into a power source, but if the hardcore crowd needs 4K video recording to chronicle their goings-on then we aren’t so sure this is the answer.

That said, it’s early days yet, and we’ll have to wait to get our paws on an actual product before getting the answer. LG’s being hush on availability and pricing expectations, so we’ll have to wait a while yet to see everything it has to offer.

[via LG]

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