Samsung’s smart surfboard might be the biggest example of how dumb ‘Internet of Things’ is becoming [VIDEO]


Well, Samsung is getting into the surfboard business. The company’s Brazilian YouTube account released a quick teaser with boarder Gabriel Medina to show off a new product they’re calling the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard.

It has an LED display. For what, you ask? To show you Tweets and messages. Because the first thing you want to do when you hit the waves is check out the latest Tweets coming in from people doing more boring stuff than you are.


OK, so it has a little bit more use than that. It also shows you weather conditions so you’ll know how the waves are going to be rocking on the sea. Because, you know, you totally didn’t check that before actually slamming your board into the water and hitting those waves.


See where we’re going with this? No one wants a smart surfboard. No one needs a smart surfboard. We don’t need internet of things just for the sake of having them. Some things don’t need a display or a chipset.

For surfing, in particular, it’s actually doing that crowd a disservice — these people tend to get on the water to escape all this technology and to disconnect themselves so they can be one with the ocean. What’s the old adage? “Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should.” Let’s stick to actual usefulness, Samsung.

Quentyn Kennemer
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