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The HTC 10 is shaping up to be one of the Best Android Phones of 2016. We raved about it in our full review, and we already told you about the 13 things everyone should do and 40+ tips & tricks. Now it’s time to talk protection. The world of cases is a vast jungle of options. Everything from slim and vibrant to rugged and industrial. We’ve compiled a list of a few great cases to check out. You should find something that fits your needs.

Rugged Cases

Olixar ArmourDillo

htc 10 armourdillo

If you’re looking for a durable case that can take a beating the ArmourDillo is a nice choice. It uses the dual-layer system that a lot of tough cases have adopted. The under layer is a flexible silicone for shock absorption, and the outer layer is a hard plastic. The ArmourDillo case also has a bonus flip-out kickstand. [Buy from MobileFun]

Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO

htc 10 unicorn beetle

The Unicron Beetle PRO is built for heavy use, and perfect for the outdoors. The advanced dual-layer protection with a built-in screen protector, shock absorbing core and impact resistant bumper provide all the protection you need at a fraction of the cost.

Incipio DualPro

htc 10 dual pro

The DualPro is one of Incipio’s classic cases. It combines a flexible and soft silicone inner core with a hard polycarbonate outer shell. The result is great impact resistance and shock absorption. [Buy from Amazon]

Cimo Shockproof

htc 10 cimo shock

The Cimo Shockproof is a case made specifically for absorbing shock (the name kinda gives it away, eh?). It’s made from a combination of shatterproof premium silicone and polycarbonate. The back of the case is covered in a super grippy texture, which will also help against drops. [Buy from Amazon]

Poetic Revolution

htc 10 poetic

If you want a case that looks like one of those awesome Pelican briefcases, the Poetic Revolution is the one for you. This case features a rugged industrial design and real-world durability. It has a built-in screen protector which allows the case to add water resistant properties. [Buy from Amazon]

Slim Cases

Olixar Ultra-Thin

htc 10 ultra thing


If you’re looking for a thin case that lets the premium design of the HTC 10 shine through, it doesn’t get much better than the Olixar Ultra-Thin. You’ll barely notice this case is on your phone. It’s clear and ridiculously thin. [Buy from MobileFun]

Flexishield Gel

htc 10 gel case

The Flexishield Gel Case is a super thin, flexible, and semi-transparent case. It doesn’t add a lot of extra bulk to the phone, but it does add some grip. It’s not so rubbery that it will be difficult to pull out of your pocket, but it’s easier to grip than the naked glass. The case comes in black, white, purple, and aqua blue. [Buy from MobileFun]

HTC Ice View


The Ice View case is HTC’s update version of Dot View. The case allows you to interact with your phone while still protecting the screen. You can take photos, read notifications, adjust the volume, switch songs, turn on the flashlight, and more, with the cover closed. [Buy from HTC]



Spigen Thin Fit

htc 10 thin fit

If you want protection against bumps and scratches, but don’t want to sacrifice the feel of your device, the Thin Fit case is a good choice. The Thin Fit case adds a negligible amount of weight while still showcasing the chamfered edges of the HTC 10. [Buy from Amazon]

Spigen Neo Hybrid

htc 10 neo hybrid

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case combines a TPU case and a hard bumper around the edges. The TPU portion of the case has a nice carbon fiber texture while the bumper has a metallic finish. It’s a sharp look that will keep your phone looking clean and pristine. [Buy from Amazon]

Spigen Slim Armor

htc 10 spigen slim

The Slim Armor case keeps things secure without adding a lot of extra bulk The dual layer of TPU interior and hard polycarbonate exterior keeps your device protected in a minimal design, and the kickstand is a nice addition. [Buy from Amazon]

Wallet Cases

Olixar Leather Style

htc 10 wallet

A wallet case can kill two birds with one stone. It’s one solution for your phone, credit cards, and ID. The Olixar wallet case has an extra trick up its sleeve. You can fold it to prop up the phone for watching videos. [Buy from MobileFun]

rooCASE Prestige Wallet

htc 10 roocase

The rooCASE Prestige Wallet is one of the most interesting wallet cases we’ve seen. It’s actually two cases in one: the typical leather wallet and an inner slim case. The inner case attaches to the wallet with magnets, so it’s easy to take off or slap on when you need it. It can hold up to three cards and cash. [Buy from Amazon]

Fosman Caddy Ideal

htc 10 fosman wallet

This is one of the most stylish wallet cases out there. Instead of the boring brown or black leather, this case features bright colors and metallic clasps. This case can also hold a lot more than a typical wallet case. It has an extra flap so you can hold up to six cards and cash. [Buy from Amazon]

Find more at Android Forums


Another great place to find cases and other accessories for the HTC 10 is Android Forums. Right now there is a thread about accesories going on. Feel free to chime in about your favorite accessories so far. The HTC 10 forums are also a great place to find more information about the phone in general.

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