Google officially reveals limited edition Live Cases designed by Jeff Koons


Yesterday, we heard Google was going to make an announcement regarding new live cases today. Well, it’s today, and that announcement is here. They’ve revealed a new line of cases that were designed by artist Jeff Koons. Google partnered with the man to show their appreciation for his work, which often changes our perception of weight and physics.

Koons’ designs for the cases — which all come with Koons’ signature and are numbered — are themed after his Gazing Ball concept, a series of sculptures which feature a mystifying blue orb balanced atop classic-looking sculptures

.jeff koons live cases

In the case of the Nexus 5X, the Gazing Ball ingeniously uses the camera lens to drive home the point that it’s, well, a Gazing Ball. The Nexus 6P’s camera configuration doesn’t allow for a similar setup, but Koons was just as happy to use its rear-facing fingerprint sensor to give the same effect.

The wallpapers for the Live Cases feature ballerinas doing dance steps from Swan Lake while holding the gazing ball. The animation happens after you double tap your live wallpaper. Google says there are 28 different vignettes in all, wit new ones arriving each day. Furthermore, artwork made by Koons will periodically be delivered to your phone through the Live Case Editions app.

All of that is $40, and you’ll need to act fast as this is a limited set which will only run through the end of June.

[via Google]

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