How does the HTC 10 stack up in the Best Android Phones rankings?



The last few months have been pretty intense for Android devices. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge kicked things off in March. Shortly thereafter, the LG G5 arrived on the scene. Now, we have the freshly reviewed HTC 10 and Huawei P9 to consider. It’s time to update our Best Android Phones rankings once again.

Last year, the HTC One M9 had a very short run in our rankings. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 easily knocked it out. This year, the HTC 10 is back in the top of our list, but Samsung and LG have already released their devices. With not many big-name devices on the horizon, our list could stay in this order for a while.

What’s #1?

HTC-10-Review (17)

Check out the Best Android Phones rankings to find out exactly where the HTC 10 and P9 were placed. Spoiler alert: there is a tie involved. Feel free to share your own personal rankings in the comments below!

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