Pro Tip: Use #Save in your Periscope broadcast title to save it forever


Periscope’s live broadcasts can only be replayed for 24 hours after they air, but the company is working on a new platform that’ll let you save videos forever. The company says they still have some fine tuning to do as they want to give you a full-fledged interface for managing your videos.

But for now, you can save your videos long term with a very simple step: use #save in your broadcast’s title, and it’ll remain forever (or as long as you want to once the ability to delete videos comes about). You can put it in the beginning, middle, or end of a title — it’s up to you.

Periscope has been doing a lot to solidify their place in the live streaming arena. They’ve recently hired Medium’s editor to help curate the best live broadcasts going on around the world. Discoverability is very important for video platforms, and it’s something Periscope is going to have to get right if they want to contend with Facebook and — eventually — YouTube.

These seem like small steps right now, but adding a bunch more of these small steps could eventually build up into a giant leap to help them stay atop the live video world down the line.

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