HTC offers up $100 million to help developers create VR content for the HTC Vive


So, the HTC Vive is out, and while there are already some neat experiences to be had with it, HTC wants to make sure the good times don’t stop rolling. That’s why they’ve announced Vive X.

In the simplest terms, Vive X is a developer program that’ll help coders get their VR projects off the ground. HTC is putting up $100 million to make it happen. The money pays for mentorship, networking and work space.

HTC will also hold workshops in Beijing, Taipei and San Francisco. If your project idea is good enough you’ll get a good chunk of that $100 million to help bring it to life, and you’ll also get the opportunity to show it off to some potential investors.

Want to participate? Head here, hit the Apply button to submit your information, and start thinking about the amazing stuff you could do on the HTC Vive with HTC backing you up.

Quentyn Kennemer
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