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If any phone was made for accessories, it’s the LG G5. The entire bottom of the phone can slide out and be replaced. That concept hasn’t really taken off with manufacturers yet, but there are still plenty of great accessories to choose from. We’ve got everything from super slim cases to the best USB Type-C chargers in this list. Go forth and accessorize!

Best LG G5 Cases

VRS High Pro Shield

g5 high pro

The High Pro Shield is a combination of pieces and textures. The bumper, which is separate from the case, is a hard, glossy, metallic plastic. The rest of the case is a soft flexible TPU with a two-tone design on the back. You get the look of brushed aluminum with the feel of TPU. [Buy from Amazon]

Caseology Wavelength

wavelength g5

The Wavelength is a two-part case that still manages to be slim. Around the edges is a polycarbonate bumper with a metallic finish. The rest of the case is made from flexible TPU. The “Wavelength” name comes from the grippy texture on the back. This case comes in a variety of color. [Buy from MobileFun]

More cases!

These two cases are just the tip of the iceberg. We published a separate list with much more cases to choose from. Everything from thick and rugged to lightweight and slim. Head on over to that list to find the perfect case for your LG G5!

Explore all the best LG G5 cases!

Best LG G5 Chargers

LG G5 charger

The LG G5 takes advantage of the new USB Type-C standard. You may have noticed that the cable can be plugged into your phone in any orientation. That’s one of the benefits of this new standard. Unfortunately, this means all our old cables are no longer compatible. To make matters worse, USB Type-C charging accessories are a mess right now. Here are a few that you can trust.

LG G5 Modules

LG G5 Cam Plus DSC01418

The most notable new feature of the G5 is the “modular design.” This design allows the bottom chin of the phone to be completely removed. You can use this to simply swap in a fresh battery or extend the functionality of the device with a module. There aren’t many modules available right now, but here is a couple to check out.

LG Cam Plus

The Cam Plus adds a camera grip and a bigger battery to the G5. You get some extra physical buttons like a zoom scroll wheel, shutter button, record button, and quick launch camera button. The camera module is easily the most compelling accessory for the modular design. [Buy from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon]

Spare Battery & Charger

For most people, the best use of the modular design will be swapping batteries. You can buy an extra battery and a battery charger to keep the spare fully charged. When you’re in need of some extra juice, just swap in the fresh battery. [Buy from Amazon]

LG Hi-Fi Plus

Last, but certainly least, is the LG Hi-Fi Plus. This module brings high definition audio to your G5 with a second headphone jack. It’s great for hardcore audiophiles, but there’s one major problem with this module. It’s not available in the US. [Buy from these non-US locations]

LG Friends

LG also released a couple “Friends” to go along with the G5. Two of these accessories have to do with 360-video and virtual reality. These devices will only work with the LG G5.


The 360 Cam is a camera that can take360-degree photos and videos. It’s equipped with two 13MP cameras that have 200-degree viewing angles. It’s small and much easier to carry around than those crazy 360-degree camera rigs you’ve seen. [Buy from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon]


The 360 VR is a VR headset that looks like it’s straight out of Star Trek. Unlike Samsung’s Gear VR, this headset connects to the G5 with the included USB Type-C cable. It simulates a 130-inch TV viewed from 2 meters away. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around. [Buy from T-Mobile, B&H]

LG G5 Skins

lg g5 dbrand

dbrand makes some of the best skins around. They have a combination of 23 different colors and materials for the G5. Everything from bright yellow to warm mahogany. They’ve got something that will elevate the look of your phone without any extra bulk. [Buy from dbrand]

slickwraps g5.pnh

SlickWraps is another great skin maker. They offer a huge selection of nearly 50 different colors, materials, and designs that you can put on your device. SlickWraps also has a few licensed skins from Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars. You can do the whole device or choose the front, back, or sides. [Buy from SlickWraps]

LG G5 Screen Protectors

LG-G5 (6)

The LG G5’s display is made from Gorilla Glass 4, which is extremely resistant to scratches and cracks. Some people still like the peace of mind that comes with a 3rd-party screen protector. It’s much easier to replace a screen protector than to live with a scratched display. Here are a few to choose from.

Car Mounts

Tylt Capio 2.0


Our longstanding favorite car mount is the Tylt Vu. The G5 doesn’t have wireless charging, so you’ll want to go with the Capio 2.0. It’s nearly identical to the Vu, but it doesn’t have wireless charging. Check out our full review of the Vu to get an idea of what it’s like. [Buy from Amazon]

TechMatte MagGrip

techmatte mag grip

A great option for people who use cases is the TechMatte MagGrip. All you have to do is put the included thin metal disk under your case (or stick it on). The MagGrip uses a magnet to hold your phone, so there’s no messing with a plastic vice grip. The whole thing slides in your CD slot. [Buy from Amazon]

Headphones & Speakers


If you listen to a lot of music, podcasts, or videos on your phone you’re going to want a nice pair of headphones. On the cheap end of the scale is the Brainwavz Delta. They’re great for all kinds of media, come with three sizes of foam tips to match your ear size, include a mic for taking phone calls, and you can usually get them for around $20. [Buy from Amazon]

On the higher end of the scale is the Jaybird X2 wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They come in a comfortable package with extra foam tips to fit in your ears. The sound is great, and since they are wireless you don’t have to worry about being tied to your phone. [Buy from Amazon]

Bose SoundLink

bose soundlink

Bose is one of the leaders in excellent sound quality. The SoundLink is one of their more portable Bluetooth speakers. It has the clear sound you expect from a Bose speaker in a compact size. It offers up to 8 hours of music before recharging, and voice prompts make it super easy to pair with your phone. [Buy from Amazon]

UE Roll

ue roll

The UE Roll is a speaker that can take a beating and keep on beating (if you know what I mean). It has a unique frisbee-like design that makes it easy to strap on and take it on the go. It’s also waterproof so you can take it to the beach or on a canoe trip. [Buy from Amazon]

MicroSD Cards

lg g5 microsd

LG was one of the few Android manufacturers to stick with microSD cards. Samsung and HTC dropped them for a while, but now they’re back in their latest flagship devices. LG never wavered. You can easily upgrade your storage capacity without buying any cloud storage subscriptions. Here are a few great cards to choose from.

Find more at Android Forums!

A great place to go to find accessories for the G5 is You’ll find real G5 owners sharing their opinions on cases, chargers, and more. The G5 forums are packed with a lot of other great information as well. Make it your one-stop shop for all things G5-related. Check out these accessory threads to get started.

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