HTC: VR will outpace smartphones in 4 years


Well, we’re not sure what sort of data HTC has to suggest this insane market trend, but here it is: they think virtual reality will eventually grow to outpace smartphone sales in 4 years’ time. Well-researched analysis or pipe dream?

We’re not sure. To be specific, this was HTC’s Head of Vive in China who made the comment. While that fact should lend credence to the claim, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking it’s that very reason that it actually doesn’t — what executive doesn’t want to believe their division will be the company’s bread winner down the line?

It’s no secret virtual reality is growing. We have 2 major spatial-enhanced virtual reality systems on the market, and several basic smartphone and console-driven experiences acting as gateway drugs. Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, LeEco, Sony — they’re all getting into it, and the train won’t stop.


But to suggest it’s growing so big and so fast that it’ll eventually outpace smartphones? That’s something we’re not willing to bet on, especially considering the vast majority of the current VR market is being propped up by the low-cost solutions which require — you guessed it — smartphones. Sorry, HTC, we’re not buying it, but you can bet we’ll be looking back on this comment in 4 years’ time to see which of us will be eating those words.

[via Focus Taiwan]

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