Would you buy a $20,000 Android phone?


Let’s talk about expensive phones for a quick minute. And by expensive, we’re not talking about $700 — we’re more in the ballpark of about $20,000. That’s the price tag in mind for one British-Israeli group who is working on a “high-tech” phone.

The company is supposedly looking to use high-grade materials and features which they say would be 2-3 years ahead of typical market availability. We’re hoping those materials and components are more than a higher resolution display or superficial (and unnecessary) upgrades like 10GB of RAM. Long story short, I better have a tiny butler, a light machine gun and a popcorn maker inside my phone for $20,000.

The phone’s software is supposedly Android-based, and their emphasis will be on making the most secure operating system they can. Considering the Israeli seem to have an increasing expertise in phone security we’d say that’s a big plus.

No other details are known at the moment, but it has us wondering: would you buy a $20,000 smartphone? Let’s play a game and assume everyone has just enough money to buy one of these without having to sell a body part or 2, but not enough that $20,000 is a drop in the bucket.

If you would, what kind of features would you demand for such a high price tag? Leave a comment letting us know what a smartphone would need in order to get you to buy one for more than the price of a basic car.

[via Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
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