Instagram introduces dedicated Video Channels in their latest update, but it’s US-only for now


Instagram Video Channels Explore

Instagram is going all-in with video. After announcing a few weeks ago that they were officially bumping up the length of videos from 30 seconds to a full minute, they’re now featuring dedicated video channels in the Explore tab.

The channels are supposed to make it easy for users to find new video-specific content, and while channels are mostly chosen by Instagram themselves, they do have a “Videos You Might Like” channel with stuff tailored to the user’s specific interests. To give an example, Instagram showed off a channel dedicated to Coachella 2016 videos, something that could be more useful than sifting through a hashtag’s endless photos in an attempt at surfacing video content — now it’s all there in one handy spot.

It’s a direct answer to Snapchat’s Live Stories feed, although still not as powerful as Snapchat’s new “Story Explorer” feature, it looks as though Instagram is getting there. Video content is huge for any social network and we’re sure Instagram will get there.

The new Instagram update is rolling out as version 7.20 for Android and iOS but only in the US for now.

[via Instagram]

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