Mar 29th, 2016

Back when Vine was just starting out and taking the tech world by storm by introducing a social network built around tiny, constantly looping video clips, Instagram met the challenge with a video solution of their own. The only difference was Instagram attempted to up the ante by making their video clips a full 15 seconds, double of what Vine was offering.

With Vine out of the way, Instagram now has their sights firmly set on Twitter, a social network that allows users to upload a full 30 seconds worth of video. Announced in a new blog post today, Instagram will now given users the ability to upload a full minutes worth of video, once again doubling the length of their biggest competitor. The rollout starts today, with Instagram saying it will be available to everyone in the next few months.

They also mentioned that they’re officially bringing back the multi clip editor this week — but only for iOS. Android users will just have to find a video editing app that suits their needs (whether 1st or 3rd party) or wait for Google’s recent acquisition of Fly Labs to start bearing some fruit.

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