Google quietly launches Save to Google, their new Pocket competitor


Save to Google

The internet is filled with all kinds of great content and while Google is probably the first place you go in your search for everything online, saving those things has never been their strong suit. While you can bookmark the really important stuff, sometimes you just want to save an article you come across to revisit later.

“Save to Google” is a new feature the internet search giant has quietly launched and you’ve probably already seen it while performing a Google Image search, but it’s more than just images. Save to Google is also a direct competitor to services like Pocket or the recently announced “Save to Facebook” button for saving articles or other web pages you come across.

While saving images from an Image Search work fine on any mobile device, currently the only way to save web pages is by using the Chrome extension on your desktop. From there, you can change the thumbnail image, edit the title, and add tags — yup, everything you could already do with 3rd party services like Pocket. Saved images and pages are kept at google.com/save which has a clean, Material Design UI, with the ability to view everything, or sort by tags. That’s pretty much.

Save to Google is super simple and straight forward and our only real question is how Google never got around to launching this sooner. That and when/how they plan on implementing this into Android. You’ll find the Chrome extension at the link below.

Download on the Chrome Web Store: Save to Google

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