LG’s new Rolly Keyboard adds a 5th row of keys and can sync with 3 devices


LG has revealed that they’re coming out with a new Rolly Keyboard. Appropriately named the Rolly Keyboard 2, this is a nice revision over the original, which is a Bluetooth keyboard that can roll up into a neat little capsule for easy transportation.

lg rolly keyboard 2

Changes of note this time around include a 5th row of keys so you can have that all-important dedicated number row. The keyboard can also now sync with up to 3 devices instead of 2, which should give you a bit more flexibility if you have multiple devices you like to use it with. Oh, and a small tab on the keyboard makes it easier to pull from its cocoon.

lg rolly keyboard 2 gif

That worth $110 to you? Because that’s how much it’s going for over in South Korea (though the price is likely to be adjusted per market when it makes its way to more regions).

[via LG]

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