Apr 7th, 2016

We figured the Samsung Gear 360 would cost more than the LG 360 Cam, but we weren’t expecting this. B&H Photo has started listing the device — which easily records 360-degree video at resolutions up to 4K 30fps — for $350.

Compare that to the LG 360 Cam’s $200 price tag, and you bet we’re taken aback. Samsung has some cause to justify that price tag — LG’s device only shoots at a resolution just below 4K, only has 13MP CMOS sensors compared to Samsung’s 15MP, and also has doesn’t have any water resistance like the Gear 360 does — but we’re not so sure that distinction is worth an extra $150.

That said, we haven’t yet gotten enough quality time with the Samsung Gear 360 to know whether it’s worth it, so we’ll hold off on any damning judgment for now. Would you buy it for $350? Let us know below, and it’s there where you’ll also find a video shot with the Gear 360 to give you an idea of the sort of quality we’re working with here.

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