LG 360 Cam and LG 360 VR will be $199 each


Friendship ain’t cheap, folks. The LG G5’s friends will cost you a pretty penny if you want to bring them along for the ride. We know the Cam Plus module will be $70, but B&H has revealed pricing for both the LG VR 360 (a VR headset) and the LG 360 Cam (a 360-degree camera).



Both devices will run you $199.99. That’s a bit of a sticker shock for the LG VR 360 considering Samsung’s equivalent costs $99, but you have to remember that LG’s headset doesn’t use the phone for displaying goods — it has a display of its own. It connects to your phone by a wire, though the phone handles all the heavy lifting of graphics and processing.


As for the 360 Cam, it’s hard to know whether $199.99 is the sweet spot. Samsung’s Gear 360 hasn’t been priced yet so there’s not much to compare it to just yet. That said, if we had to bet we’d say $199.99 sounds about right, if not even cheaper than we thought it might be when we first heard of it. Samsung’s model will shoot at a resolution just under 4K, while LG is sticking to 2560 x 1440 for their model, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung opts to charge a tad more. Would you buy either of these products at this price mark?

via B&H 1, 2

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