Samsung wants to put a camera in your eye



Wearables these days are mostly smartwatches and fancy glasses. A recent patent application from Samsung could mean more invasive wearables in the future. The patent is for a contact lens equipped with a display, camera, antenna, and several sensors. We’re not sure how Samsung plans to fit all of this in a contact lens, but it could be amazing if they can figure it out.

The idea is that the tiny display would project images directly into the eye. Of course, like all modern wearables, it would need a phone to do all the heavy lifting. The camera is the most intriguing aspect. Google Glass allowed people to film their point of view, but this would take it to the next level. You wouldn’t be limited to filming what your head is looking at. The viewer would know exactly what your eyes are focusing on.

It should be noted that this patent was filed way back in 2014. Samsung could have been working on this thing for the last two years, or it could have been forgotten by now. Hopefully, one day we’ll find out. Is this something you would ever wear?

[via SamMobile]

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