Apr 5th, 2016


With virtual reality, you can be transported to magical new worlds and experience majestic landscapes. IKEA wants to use it to show off kitchens.

The IKEA VR Experience app is designed to help potential buyers get a feel for how a new kitchen would look in person. You can customize the kitchen to your liking and take a virtual tour. The best part is you can modify your height to experience the kitchen as yourself or a small child. Right now the app is only available on Steam for the HTC Vive.


This type of virtual reality isn’t as sexy as high-tech games, but it could have a more widespread impact. It solves a problem that everyone has. Shopping online is great, but nothing can compare to seeing a product in real life. Virtual reality can merge the two into a perfect package. Is this something that you would use?

[via GSM]

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