New HTC 10 teaser is all about “high-res audio” hinting at a Hi-Fi DAC


We’re t-minus 8 days away from the official reveal of the HTC 10 (the actual name still hasn’t been made official, by the way) and HTC is back with another teaser. This time they’re talking about how obsessed they are with delivering the highest quality high-fidelity audio on a smartphone. Here’s what was said in their tweet:

Not all music is created equal. Hi-res audio so every note is crystal clear. You’ll hear it. 4/12

This appears to be related to the teaser we saw 2 weeks ago talking about BoomSound. It’s entirely possible the HTC 10 will feature a high quality DAC, similar to the one found on the LG V10 — at least we hope. BoomSound has always been little more than a really bassy EQ setting, but high-res? You had our curiosity, HTC, but now you have our attention.

We’ll know more come April 12th when HTC finally makes this thing official. Already, it’s sounding like the HTC 10 will have a lot going for it and although high-fidelity audio might not be the must-have feature for everyone, it’s definitely a great way to separate themselves from the competition.


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