Deal: PNY’s 128GB microSD card is just $29.99 at Amazon


Amazon has a nice deal going for PNY’s 128GB microSD card. They’re letting it go for just $29.99 which is a little less than $3 more than the 64GB model is going for. Mind you, it doesn’t come with any adapters like these things tend to come with, but those are cheap enough that adding one to your cart shouldn’t break the bank too much if you need one.

PNY’s chips offer up to 60 megabytes per second write speed on a Class 10, UHS-1 classification. They’re good for video up to 1080p HD, but you’ll probably be wanting something like this for anything higher. For all other needs, it’s perfectly fine. There’s no clue how long the deal will last so be sure to take advantage as soon as you can.

Quentyn Kennemer
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