HTC teases BoomSound on the HTC 10, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting front-facing speakers


HTC is back at it with another HTC 10 teaser. They’ve moved on from the camera to start talking about audio, with the company noting we should get excited for a “new boom” in your sound.

htc 10 audio

The teaser photo associated with the tweet shows a whole lot of speaker grills, but if you think they’re teasing dual front-facing speakers you might want to lower your expectations a bit.

For starters, it appears the top set of holes is an enlarged view of the typical speaker grill for talking on the phone, while the bottom holes look to be the bottom-facing speakers we see in the leaked renders below. Is it possible the two can work in concert to provide stereo sound? Sure. But we aren’t betting on it.

htc 10

And you should know that HTC’s BoomSound isn’t necessarily a hardware thing. BoomSound is the marketing term they use for any audio enhancement on their phones, so you’ll see it used for phones which don’t have extraordinary speakers. That’s not to say the HTC 10’s speakers or audio system won’t be extraordinary, but it’s an important thing to note.

Of course, we can’t say much for certain until HTC lets the details loose April 12th, so we’ll be anxiously awaiting that date to see what it is they’re so obsessed about.

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