Oculus Rift teardown gives us a look inside one of the hottest VR headsets


The Oculus Rift started hitting doorsteps this week, and while most folks will get their fun from going knee deep into all the great VR experiences available in the early going, some have other plans. iFixIt’s fun, of course, will come from going knee deep into screwdrivers, wires and the sort.

ifixit teardown oculus rift

While iFixIt’s purpose is generally surfacing the ease of repairing devices, they often go into great detail about what’s inside. Most consumers don’t need to know anything about what’s going on inside the hood as long as it works, but it’s always fun to know more about how the device works and how it was built.

For what it’s worth, the company did give the Oculus Rift a 7/10 on repairability, where 10 is the easiest to repair. That should mean repairs will be affordable in the unfortunate event that your device breaks or fails (and maybe you could even make the repairs yourself if you’re handy enough). We imagine there aren’t many broken devices in the early going for now, but keep it in mind just in case. Have a look at the full teardown right here.

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