Lyft Carpool is a new way for drivers to make money during their normal commute


lyft carpool app

Carpooling used to be a very popular way for people to commute to work. Nowadays, it seems like people aren’t as willing to do it. One reason why could be the hassle of coordinating with co-workers. Lyft is aiming to make the process much easier, and allow drivers to make a few bucks on the side.

Lyft Carpool is a new service that will allow people to make money while driving to work. Unlike Lyft Line, Carpool is aimed more are pairing commuters with drivers one rider at a time. Riders will pay between $4 to $10 per ride. This could be awesome for drivers and riders alike. Anything that gets more cars off the road is a good thing.

The Waze integration we wrote about earlier this year is finally rolling out as well. Drivers will now use Waze as the default navigation app. Lyft is often seen as the “good guy” competitor to Uber. It’s nice to see them continue to improve the service for drivers and riders. Do you use Lyft? Sign up here to become a driver.

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