Aug 6th, 2014

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Lyft has had it’s share of legal hurdles after they turned the transportation industry upside down by taking on city cab drivers. Today, the ride sharing service is back to their old tricks, only this time they’re going after public transit.

After discovering that 90% of Lyft rides have someone else nearby taking the same trip within 5 minutes a light bulb went off at Lyft HQ. What if someone were able to connect those rides? Thus Lyft Line was born.

First off, Line Line is win-win for both drivers and passengers. Because a “Line” is generally a longer ride drivers cash in on higher fares, while sharing a ride with others means customers cash in on the savings. How much you ask? Well, Lyft says passengers can look forward to upwards of 60% off a normal ride. And it’s because of these savings that Lyft Line is meant for daily use, whether it’s going to work or school.

Lyft Line how it works

The perks Lyft Line offers over normal transit is obvious. You wont have to rush out the door to make it to the bus stop — Lyft comes to you. You will no longer have to schedule your day around it — Lyft is on demand.

For now, Lyft is taking things slow, only rolling out Lyft Line carpooling in San Francisco and only for iOS at the moment. Soon after, you can expect the service arriving on Android, along with a rollout to more cities across the US. Full list of cities where Lyft is currently available, click here.

Oh yeah, Uber’s doing their own carpooling thing too and they’re calling it Uberpool. Only available in a limited beta, you can learn more about on their site here.

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