Lyft and Waze team up to get you to your destination even faster


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Waze is a very popular navigation app for Lyft and Uber drivers. If you’re unfamiliar with Waze, it’s a crowd-sourced mapping app. Users report things like traffic backups, speed traps, and road closings. That information is used to give navigation directions with real-time information. You can see why this would be important to drivers, especially when your job is driving.

Lyft has announced a new partnership that will make Waze the default navigation app for drivers. Lyft drivers will see a “Return to Lyft” button in the Waze app. Tapping the button will bring the driver back to the Lyft app, so they can quickly switch between the two apps. Lyft hopes that this will lead to faster routes and more productivity for drivers.

There are benefits for riders as well. Lyft will be able to update a driver’s route in Waze. This will allow them to make more efficient Lyft Line matches and cut down on wait times. A win for everyone. Are you a Wazer? Do you also use Lyft?

[via Lyft Blog]

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