Huawei begins teasing new innovation for Huawei P9 reveal in the UK next week


Huawei has started teasing an announcement that will introduce an “exciting new innovation.” Their campaign will begin in the UK, and they’re using the hashtag #OO to get things started.

While that may seem like a very odd or vague twin of letters, anyone following the Huawei hype train will immediately pick up on what it means: that’s supposed to be a textual representation of the dual rear cameras on the rear of the Huawei P9.

huawei oo teaser

The company’s promotional site for the announcement urges us to “change the way we see the world” and suggests the camera will be “the defining and essential tool for anyone with a creative eye.” They even give us a sneak peek at some of the hardware we’re expecting to see on the Huawei P9, such as those aforementioned cameras and the rear-placed fingerprint sensor.

We know dual rear cameras alone aren’t innovative, either. HTC did it not once, but twice in their time, albeit for different reasons each go-around. Will Huawei achieve something unique with their particular take on it? That’s what we can’t wait to find out.

That all of this is being announced in Europe — and not China — is nothing to look over, either. Huawei is unveiling their star flagship for the year in the region to cement their intention to grow their brand into a European powerhouse. They certainly have the potential to do so with the sort of hardware they’ve learned to make, but the jury is still out on whether their brand is strong enough to compete with the established players there. It all happens April 6th.

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