Huawei schedules April 6th event in London, P9 unveiling likely


huawei p9 invite

After rumors that Huawei was gearing up to unveil the Huawei P9 next month, the Chinese manufacturer has officially announced the date for a new product announcement. Set for April 6th in London, it’s not too far off from the originally rumored April 9th date.

Although it wasn’t specifically mentioned in the invite we received, there’s little question the event will centered around Huawei’s upcoming P9. At the top of the invite, the hashtag #oo is being used, hinting at the device’s dual-camera setup, along with the tag line “change the way you see the world.”

Also rumored is the possibility of multiple P9 models being announced: the regular P9, a larger P9 Max, and smaller P9 Lite. Of course, we wont know for certain until April 6th, so mark your calendars. If the performance of any of these devices matches the Huawei Mate 8 — which we reviewed last month — we could have another great Android device on our hands.

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