LG G5 pre-orders begin shipping for AT&T and T-Mobile customers


We’re still about 2 days away from April 1st, but as we often see when devices are pre-ordered some customers are begining to see the LG G5 early. Reports from folks on both AT&T and T-Mobile have flooded in notifying us that their device is shipping.

LG G5 DSC01387

There’s a possibility you may get your order today or tomorrow if you ordered faster shipping, but we wouldn’t bank on that. April 1st is a safer date, but even still we would keep in mind the potential for unforeseen delays to push that back a tad.

But they’re getting themselves stuffed onto trucks and heading out the door, and that’s always the news you want to hear leading up to a phone’s launch date. We’re not sure where shipment stands for Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular customers just yet, but we’re keeping an eye out. Let us know if your device is on the way!

[via Reddit, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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