Mar 29th, 2016

Nintendo hasn’t yet released many official Pokemon Go details, but data mining — the act of looking at an app or game’s code to determine what’s being developed — has revealed some new details. For starters, it appears Niantic and The Pokemon Company are only loading up with the original 151 Pokemon to start. That might not sound good for those who like Pokemon from later generations, but we’re sure Niantic will add more down the line.

Another interesting detail revealed is that Pokemon can have up to 2 moves from a list of 232. The Pokemon can battle trainers who come to your virtual gym. The battles don’t appear to be real-time. Instead, it seems to be some sort of passive experience not unlike the way battles worked in Clash of Clans.

Other features uncovered include in-app purchases (which we assume will be used for buying premium clothes and accessories for your character, buying more effective Poke Balls and possibly customizing your gym), Pokemon trading, and day and night cycles. It all sounds really good for the first mobile Pokemon game, and we can’t wait for it to launch later this year. Check out all the full details in the video above!

[via Wii U Daily]

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