T-Mobile CEO John Legere joins The Pope as the only people to get a Twitter hashtag emoji


Twitter’s hashtag emojis were introduced as a unique marketing tool. Businesses like Coke and UFC lined up to have their logos and products display whenever people use specific hashtags. But sometimes Twitter is willing to give people hashtags for no reason other than the fact that they’re cool or important, and they give them to those people for free. The Pope was the first to receive one.

john legere hashtag emoji

John Legere is the 2nd. Not bad company to be in, we’d say. The boisterous T-Mobile CEO’s face will appear as a cheerful cartoon whenever you use the hashtag #TweetJohn, the hashtag Legere uses during his extended Tweet sessions where he answers the questions and concerns of T-Mobile users and fans.

Twitter says they were compelled to give Legere his own hashtag emoji due to the unique way he interacts with fans. Other CEOs have Twitter accounts and use them regularly, sure, but you can Tweet Legere a good question and he’ll answer it. He’ll favorite a random Tweet from someone talking up T-Mobile, even if that person doesn’t mention Legere’s name in their Tweet. He’ll even help you figure out any issues you’re having with your phone or the network.

He’s cool, and he’s on Twitter all the time. Probably an unhealthy amount, really. And he also leads the most exciting carrier in the United States. That’s worthy of Twitter’s attention and props, no doubt.

[via CNN]

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