LG shows off all the new interface features in an entertaining walk-through video


LG is getting everyone ready for the launch of the highly anticipated, LG G5. In order to help get everyone pumped up for the release on April 1st, LG has posted a video walking through all the major new software features.

The biggest difference being made to LG’s interface is the lack of an app drawer out of the box. However, it has been confirmed that LG will be bringing the option for an app drawer back through the Settings application. Additionally, LG is adding the LG Friends Manager app which allows for users to take advantage of the various Playground devices and modules that are available for the G5.

The video walks us through how easy it is to connect and use these various add-on accessories:

  • LG Cam Plus
  • LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play
  • LG 360 Cam
  • LG 360 VR
  • LG Rolling Bot
  • LG Tone Platinum

The video also states that with the help of the LG Friends Manager app, you can be up and running with any of the above accessories in only three steps.

Another big focus with LG’s 5.0 UX, is the camera. With Auto Shot, Multi-View, Pop-Out Picture and Film Effect. These are four mainstays for the new camera features in the G5. Auto Shot allows for users to take selfies with easy without having to worry about pressing buttons and getting blurry images.

Multi-View allows for you to take up to three different pictures at once, creating a collage without having to use an additional software. Pop-Out Picture works similar to Multi-View but instead of three different pictures at once, users will be able to take and edit pictures with special effects and borders. Film Effect works exactly like you expect, and gives users a plethora of different filters to add to all of your pictures to create the perfect shot.

LG’s new software also includes LG Health, which is a built-in personal coach to help keep you active throughout the day. With friendly reminders and various tracking features, the LG Health app aims to keep you moving and motivated.

There are even more features that LG is presenting as great add-ons for the LG G5, and I am excited for all of the additions and improvements. From the modular-design to the improved and updated interface, it’s starting to look like we’ve got a powerhouse coming on April 1st.


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