Mar 28th, 2016

google camera goggles

Back in the day, Google Goggles was all the rage. Like, way back in the day. We’re talking 2010. It was an app that really showcased the power of Android. You could scan almost anything and the app would recognize the subject and provide pertinent information. Nowadays, the Goggles tech isn’t as mind-blowing, but the app still exists. A new rumor suggests new life for the aging app.

According to sources at SlashGear, Google is looking to integrate the Goggles tech into the Google Camera app. This would allow users to use the regular camera app to search for information based on visuals from the real world. Almost like Google Now on Tap IRL. The rumor also suggests that Google has added a few new features as well.


Users will not be limited to scanning entire photos. A new feature will allow users to outline objects in the photo to make the search more specific. Results will link to items to buy or more information. We hope to learn more about this integration at Google I/O or sooner. In the meantime, you can still download Google Goggles to try out the technology.

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