Pricing for the LG G5’s Cam Plus module revealed and it ain’t cheap


LG G5 Cam Plus module preorder BH

The Galaxy S7 is a solid smartphone, easily one of the best we’ve ever seen. But if you’re looking for something a bit more fun, the LG G5 LG is one of the more interesting smartphones we’ve seen in long time. When the LG G5 was announced, we were excited about the prospect of snapping in various modules, something LG is calling the G5’s “Friends.”

We’ve only seen 2 so far: the LG Cam Plus (a module that outfits the device with physical camera buttons and added battery), and the LG Hi-Fi Plus (a Hi-Fi DAC and amp for an unrivaled audio experience). The only problem was LG wasn’t talking about price. This is super important being the G5’s modules are the main component that separate the phone from a sea of smartphones. It looks like an online retailer may finally have some answers.

B&H already has a listing to pre-order one of these modules — the LG Cam Plus — revealing a price tag of $70. We didn’t think these things would come super cheap, but we have to admit, we’re a bit disappointed to see it breaking the $50 mark. So far, there’s no release date for the LG Cam Plus on B&H, but we know the LG G5 is already gearing up for its big April 1st launch. Let’s just hope this entire phone isn’t some big elaborate prank.

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