Goat Simulator updated with new Easter content, now 80% off on Google Play


If there was ever an award for world’s most perfect casual gaming title, Goat Simulator could be it. Released on Android by Coffee Stain Studios back in 2014, the game has successfully made the transition onto almost every Android device we’ve ever owned. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live life as a rampaging goat, now’s your chance.

Goat Simulator Easter update

Goat Simulator is currently 80% off on the Google Play Store, now priced at only .99 cents. It’s normally $5, so you’re looking at a pretty steep discount on one of Android’s best titles. With Easter just around the corner, the game has been updated with new holiday content. Here’s the skinny:

A new quest: Save Easter
* Help the Easter bunny collect the missing eggs.

New character/mutator: Eggbert
* Is it an egg? Is it a chicken? Is it a goat? Play as Eggbert, the walking egg!

New Character/Mutator: Easter Goat
* Play as a fully decorated Easter goat that spreads the joy of Easter wherever it goats!
* Lays eggs that explodes in a flurry of colors.
* Can have up to three chicken goats that follows you around.

Sounds like a pretty fun little update and we can’t wait to try it out. Direct download link provided below for your convenience.

Download on Google Play: Goat Simulator (80% off)

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