Microsoft updates Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps with auto-save, version history, and more


If you’re a fan of Microsoft Office’s productivity suite, updates to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Android apps are all hitting Google Play. According to the changelogs posted on each of the apps’ listings, they now all feature auto-save and version history features.

This means, not only will you no longer have to worry about the apps saving your progress while you work, but you can always go back and browse through the history in case something went awry. There are also other specific features for each of the apps, detailed as follows:


  • Collaborative authoring: Work with others at the same time on your documents.


  • Fill handles: Automatically fill a range of cells by dragging a Fill handle.


  • Collaborative authoring: Work with others at the same time on your documents.
  • Designer: You supply the picture, we supply high-quality, professional design ideas for your slides.
  • Insert from Camera: Take a picture directly from PowerPoint.

The updates are available right now in the Google Play Store, with direct download/update links to their respective listings provided below.

Download on Google Play: Microsoft Word | Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint


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