Download: Android N’s wallpaper is ready for your Android device


When a new phone or operating system version launches one of the first orders of business is to snag those beautiful wallpapers. Android N is no different, except for one mildly annoying fact: there’s only one wallpaper to be had.

Hands-on with Android N

But what a beautiful wallpaper it is, and you can download it below if you want to give your device a little Android N flair before getting the real deal. The wallpaper is a simple hilltop or mountaintop landscape that takes a backseat to a gorgeous evening sky. It’s simple, and that’s how some people like it.

Download Android N’s Wallpaper

We’re hoping further Android N preview updates will bring us more great wallpapers like this one, but in the meantime you can go ahead and download by right clicking the photo below, opening the link in a new tab and saving it wherever you see fit.

android n wallpaper

It’s 2880 × 2560 resolution, so you won’t have any problems with it looking blurry on any of your devices. Enjoy!

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