Samsung says Galaxy S7 pre-sales exceeded expectations


It seems Samsung  has found their groove again. After a couple of declining years, the company could be in for some nice restoration thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S7: the device is said to be exceeding their original pre-sale expectations.

Samsung’s expectation was already that retail performance would be better than yesteryear’s crop of phones, so to go even further beyond that is sure to be welcome news for the company. Pre-sales aren’t the end all, be all, of course, but it’s a primary indication of a device’s future success.

Samsung reintroduced some of the things they neglected to include in their 2015 smartphones, including IP68 waterproofing and a microSD slot. While the removable battery never made a return, the 3,000mAh component (3,600mAh in the Edge variant) is sure to deliver exceptional battery life.

Couple all of that with a refined premium design made of glass and metal, a great smartphone camera and more, and you can see how consumers would be much more inclined to upgrade to a new Galaxy smartphone than years past. The device launches tomorrow, folks.

[via Reuters]

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