HTC says they’re obsessed with making the One M10 the best phone ever


Let the hype train keep on rolling! HTC’s latest One M10 teaser doesn’t give us much on the phone itself, but they do say they’re obsessed with making their phone better (even staying up all hours of every night to get it done, apparently).

Any company is going to portray that of themselves, of course, so we aren’t too surprised. For what it’s worth, HTC did say their new phone’s camera is very compelling against the current field of competition. But is “compelling” going to be compelling enough to take the thunder away from Samsung and LG (both of whom have good reasons to call HTC’s bluff)?

We’re still not sure when, exactly, HTC will make their big announcement, but it should happen sometime this month, so stay tuned.

Quentyn Kennemer
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