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We thought Apple’s use of pressure sensitivity (they call it 3D Touch) in the iPhone 6S would have others following suit, but LG and Samsung opted not to include then in the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Huawei already has one in the Mate S, but that’s not quite as mainstream.

But a new rumor out of Weibo suggests that could change soon. The leakster reports that the Nexus phone HTC is said to be making could use such a display.

It’s an interesting rumor that has us wondering why they would need one. Is Google planning to build support for the display into Android N? After all, we don’t often see them including new technology in Nexus phones unless they have plans to build something around it in Android (such as the fingerprint scanner). The insider says Google will, but we aren’t sure how they’ll implement it.

Touch 3D is an interesting feature on Apple’s current iPhone devices. It allows you to gather information about something in an app simply by holding your thumb lightly over the icon. Pressing the app icon harder would take you into a deeper view of that app to perform other actions. It’s not inaccurate to say it’s a glorified long-press, something we already have in Android.

Google will obviously have to court developers to support the feature if they do introduce it. And with the varied nature of the Android world they’d probably look to figure out a way to emulate that functionality in devices which won’t have the displays. Let’s hope to hearmore at Google IO later this year.

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