HTC could be making 2 different Nexus devices for Google this year


It’s 2016, and all of the previous year’s Nexus devices are fully available. It’s only natural, then, that we begin to talk about what’s ahead. New rumors have surfaced suggesting one popular manufacturer is going to be making not one, but 2 different devices for Google this year.

That manufacturer is HTC, who had the honors of making the original Nexus phone (the Nexus One) and also the first Android phone to ever be made. Of course, we don’t know what sorts of devices these will be. We know HTC can make a pretty decent tablet, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Google asked them for a follow-up to the Nexus 9.


But it’s been years since HTC made a Nexus phone, and that’s something we’d really love to see. They do make a damned good phone, after all, even if they haven’t had much to offer in the way of innovation as of late.

Being able to make the next Nexus phone might not be enough to completely dig HTC out of the dumps, but we’re sure it’d go a long way toward building company morale and reinstilling fate that they can restore themselves to former glory. Making a Nexus device would give HTC a chance to push the limit and set the new standard for Android devices in 2016, and although that alone might not translate directly to cash in pocket, they could use it as inspiration to make the flagship device that’ll make people flock back to their once strong brand.

[Weibo via GadgetzArena]

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