Samsung announces world’s first 256GB UFS 2.0 chip for smartphones


Samsung has announced a new top-capacity UFS 2.0 (universal flash storage) chip for use in high-end mobile devices like smartphones. They previously set the mark at 128GB which was used in the Samsung Galaxy S6, and now they’ve been able to double that at 256GB.

samsung 256GB ufs

UFS 2.0 memory is said to be faster than even SATA-based SSD drives used for PCs. This means loading your files, apps and multimedia happens without much delay, and overall operating system usage hums along smoothly.

Samsung specifically mentioned the chip is meant for high-end mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Our first hope is that they’ll obviously introduce 256GB variants of the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6, but we wouldn’t hold our breath for that considering Samsung isn’t even offering much more than 32GB in key regions. Of course, that doesn’t stop other OEMs from hitting Samsung up to use in their own products so we’re sure to see some sort of 256GB device at some point.

[via Samsung]

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