Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi5 [VIDEO]


Yesterday, Xiaomi announced the new Xiaomi Mi5. It’s another gorgeous device from the Chinese manufacturer, and the price is ridiculously low for the specs. Today, we were able to get our hands on the device at MWC. We came away very impressed with this phone, but we’re sad it will likely never come to the US.

The design of the phone is the love child of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and an iPhone. In other words, it looks and feels really nice. The model we used was made of glass, but it also comes in a more premium ceramic. Speaking of glass, the display is 5.2-inches with 1080p resolution. All in all the phone looks awesome, but the Mi5 is as also great on the inside.

Xiaomi Mi5 DSC02004

Xiaomi has stuffed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor in the Mi5. If you couldn’t tell from Chris’ reaction in the video, this phone is blazing fast. The 4GB of RAM also plays a big part in the impressive performance. Other specs include 32GB of storage, 16MP camera with OIS, and a 3,000 mAh battery. It has the specs to compete with anything from Samsung or LG.

Pricing is where the Xiaomi Mi5 goes from great to amazing. The base 32GB model starts at just $305. That is an absolutely insane price for a phone that is beautiful on the outside and powerful on the inside. The only problem is we’ll never see it here in the US. If you live in a country that does offer Xiaomi phones, such as China and India, you should gobble up this device. We’re very impressed.


Xiaomi Mi5 DSC02001

Xiaomi Mi5 DSC02016


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