Andy Rubin will give you a free dashcam, but you have to give him permission to use the data


“Free” never truly is free, is it? Andy Rubin — the Godfather of Android himself — spoke to Wired about his future plans for advancing AI and robotics, and while he wasn’t keen on revealing many of the specifics about what his team at Playground is working on, he did reveal that he’s planning to bring out a dashcam.


That dashcam will be free. Well, in terms of money, anyway. There is a cost to that attractive bargain, though: you have to agree to let Rubin’s company use your data.

Why? We don’t know. Advanced mapping research? Product improvement needs? Creepy records of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen? You have to admit, it’s all a bit unsettling no matter the motive.

We’re sure he’d be more than willing to lay out his exact plans for the data once the project is formally revealed. Until then, if you’re somehow suddenly in the market for a dashcam then it’s worth paying actual dollars for one. They’re quite affordable, readily available, plenty advanced and, well, they won’t be used to stalk you.

Quentyn Kennemer
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