Final Fantasy 9 now available on Google Play, features new HD graphics and steep $17 price tag


Final Fantasy IX 9 title screen Android iOS

After getting a sneak peek at gameplay only 2 weeks ago, we have to admit, we didn’t think Final Fantasy IX would hit the Google Play Store this fast and especially not for the US. But lo and behold, the 9th installment of the Final Fantasy series is final available on Android and you can download it right now.

Coming in at 4GB (despite the Google Play info showing 1.8GB), it’s no small download. In fact, Square recommends you have at least 8GB of free storage before even attempting to download (we’re guessing additional assets and music account for the additional 4GB). This isn’t just a direct port either. The game now supports HD resolution — both in-game and cinematic movies — features autosave, and 7 new “game boosters” like high speed mode and “no encounters.” That should help speed things along.

The hardest pill to swallow will be the price. At $17 the game isn’t cheap. Just keep in mind this isn’t the typical causal free-to-play drivel you find in app stores. This is a bona fide console title and has the file size to prove it. Oddly enough, Square says it’s currently being available at a “special” 20%-off introductory price until February 21st. Guess I know what I’ll be asking from the gf for Valentine’s Day (Google Play giftcard). Link provided below.

Download on Google Play: Final Fantasy 9

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