Feb 5th, 2016

Another day, another Samsung patent that sounds like something straight out of the future. The company has patented a system for a smart watch that could authenticate you by reading your veins.

samsung vein scanner

It would seemingly work just like a fingerprint scanner in that you let the device get an initial reading, and then whenever you go to authenticate yourself in the future it will compare the original scan with the present one. The only difference is the sensor which those 2 parts of your body are read with — Samsung is likely to use some sort of infrared technology which can identify the unique characteristics of your vein.

This goes with previous patents suggesting Samsung may use your heartbeat as some sort of authentication tool in the future. Biometric security makes the most sense for wearable devices like these so we aren’t surprised Samsung is exploring every angle they can. Would you want something like this on your wrist? Let us know how you feel about it!

[via Fast Company]

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